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Fees for bowling are as follows. Other facilities such as pool and darts are free to people using the club.

All fees are by the hour or 30/60 minute extensions.

Set of bowls (4) – 20 Baht per person

Singles (2 people play) – 80 Baht, per hour, per person
Doubles (4 people play) – 80 Baht, per hour, per person
Triples (6 people play) – 60 Baht, per hour, person
Fours (8 people play) – 40 Baht, per hour, per person

Extensions on time are available with the approval of the cashier i.e. subject to other bookings. You can extend by the hour or by half an hour. Half Hour extensions are charged at 50% of the above rates.

Opening Hours Daily – 08.00 am to 22.00 pm or later if there are customers.

For more information, or for bookings, please contact us.